Bringing people together to create an affordable, zero-carbon energy system.

About The Scheme

Bringing people together to create an affordable, zero-carbon energy system

North Lincolnshire Community Energy (NLCE) is a community benefit society, set up in 2022 with a Towns Fund grant received by North Lincolnshire Council.

A community benefit society enables individuals and businesses to invest in a project that will benefit the local area.

North Lincolnshire Community Energy has been created to help reduce energy costs for local community organisations, such as schools and community settings. Solar panels will be installed to roof spaces, offering a clean and green energy source and, in turn, enabling everyone to better understand and benefit from renewable energy.

It is run by local people, and those who invest will help to provide a greener future for the whole of North Lincolnshire.

We are delighted to have North Lincolnshire Community Energy setup to drive forwards our local net zero ambition. With record government investments in protecting the environment and through the support of the £20.9m Scunthorpe Towns Deal we can continue to make real change in North Lincolnshire. Climate change is one of our biggest challenges which we must address and through the support of this governments investment and the local community we can tackle this head on and make changes in our local schools and community. I am looking forward to North Lincolnshire Community Energy contributing to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future in North Lincolnshire..”

Cllr. Rob Waltham MBE

Leader of North Lincolnshire Council

So far in the programme, NLCE have installed rooftop solar at 12 schools in Scunthorpe. The video presents the installation at some of the schools in phase 1 of the programme and details the size of the solar PV system and the carbon savings to the environment as a result of switching to renewable energy.

NLCE have installed solar PV at:

  1. St Hugh’s School
  2. Bottesford Junior School
  3. Holme Valley Primary School
  4. Berkeley Primary School
  5. Frederick Gough Secondary School
  6. Priory Lane Primary School
  7. St Luke’s School
  8. St Luke’s School – Foundation Annex
  9. The Grange Primary School
  10. Crosby Primary School
  11. Lincoln Gardens Primary School
  12. Oakfield Primary School

Upcoming installations for 2024:

  • John Leggott College
  • Ashby Community Hub
  • North Lincolnshire Museum
  • Normanby Gateway


What this means for North Lincolnshire

Collective community approach

An investment opportunity available to all, owned by its members for the benefit of all.

Social benefits to all

The reduction of energy costs for schools and community organisations, enabling more money to be prioritised on resources.

Environmental benefits to our area

Accelerating the availability of renewable energy in our area.

Financial benefits

Investors receive a modest
return on their investment. Any excess energy is sold back to the grid and reinvested by NLCE.

Our Mission

Reduce Energy Costs

To reduce energy costs for schools and community settings across North Lincolnshire.

Contribute to Net Zero Target

To contribute to the Lincolnshire area’s 2030 net zero target. 

Tackle Climate Change

To encourage local communities to come together to tackle climate change.

Financial Return On Investment

To provide a modest financial return to those who invest. 

Ben Lawrance, smiling.

“We are absolutely delighted to be part of the North Lincolnshire Community Energy project. Not only will it save us money on our energy bills which will mean we can spend our savings on resources for the children in our school, we will also be contributing clean energy to the community to help ensure the planet is habitable for future generations of Frederick Gough pupils to come. The visual of the panels on our roof will also serve as a good reminder for school and wider community members of the need of us all to do our bit to protect the planet.”

– Ben Lawrance, Frederick Gough

Why invest

The benefits of investing in NLCE

As an investor, you will:

  • Enable vital community organisations, such as schools, to reduce their energy costs and to promote the importance of renewable energy
  • Accelerate the amount of renewable energy available in North Lincolnshire
  • Enjoy a modest return
  • Become an NLCE member and shape the future of the project and the community

investment process

The Scunthorpe Towns Fund have received £1.4M to support this project

This will fund the installation of solar panels on schools, academies, colleges, and other community settings in Scunthorpe.

Shares to raise the remaining funds will be offered to local residents and businesses for the commencement and expansion of the project.

    The Shares

    • Shares are £1 each
    • Minimum investment £50
    • Maximum investment £30,000
    • Anticipated return on investment 5%

    The scheme will be managed financially by  Energy4All who are experts in renewable energy projects.

    Please make sure you read the Renewable Energy Investment Warning below.

    Social Value

    North Lincolnshire Community Energy are committed to providing social value opportunities for the local community. So far, NLCE have engaged with hundreds of Primary and Secondary School children to develop their understanding and awareness of the benefits of installing renewable energy at their school and how it support a sustainable environment for people who live in North Lincolnshire.

    Ready to Make a Change?

    You have the opportunity to make real change in your local community by investing in a scheme run by local people and for local people.

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    Renewable Energy Investment Warning

    Investments in shares of renewable energy co-operatives and community benefit societies are long term investments to deliver an environmental and social impact as well as a financial return. As with any investment there are risks. Your capital is at risk and may not be readily realisable. Returns are projected, variable, depend on performance and are not guaranteed. Consider all risks before investing. As unregulated share offers, investments do not receive the protection of the Government’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme and investors do not have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service.